Eye Tattoos

Searching for a scary and down right eerie tattoo? Well have you ever considered getting an eye ball design? These eye tattoos are some of the creepiest designs we've ever see, with most of the artwork based on the human eye, we also see quite a few animal optics from time to time, like the cat and reptile in the picture gallery below.

As if these tattoos weren't already strange enough, some folks like to take it a step further and compliment their ink with some blood, a freaky hand or other macabre ideas.

As you can see the back and back of the head is two of the most popular locations for eye tattoos, and i can see why, they look beyond creepy on those areas of the body.

Another rather common tattoo design is the ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power, known as the eye of horus. Said to bring fourth protection and prosperity among other things.

One of the most underrated tattoo ideas has to be the feline eyes, and unlike humans, feline peepers are very attractive and quite sexy, perhaps an excellent idea for the ladies.