Extreme Tattoos

For most people, getting a tattoo is a rather daring decision to make, however for other people its simply a walk in the park, but for the people listed below its a way of life. Extreme tattoos at their finest!

Extreme tattoos can be characterized in many ways, whether its a complete facial design, a full body piece or even something freaky like eye ink, these macabre tattoo extremists will stop at nothing to feed their hunger for body art.

Just checkout this picture gallery below and it will completely blow your pants off!

Extreme body art is often seen on incarcerated individuals who find solace in this hobby while serving their sentence.

Extreme tattoos are also seen on a variety of other people from various walks of life, including carnies, punks, goths, gang members and people who enjoy body modifications.

If you ever encounter one of these kindhearted souls, just run, run as fast as you can, but lets face it these people have subhuman strength and they'll surely catch you, and perhaps eat you...