Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos symbolize the pain, suffering and ultimately the sacrifice given by the son of God, Jesus Christ. A sacrifice which now gives us the chance for forgiveness, salvation and the opportunity for eternal life in heaven.

Cross tattoos and crosses in general are historically a religious symbol, however nowadays they are sometimes worn as a fashion statement, appose to their original meaning.

Here we have a nice picture gallery of some top notch quality cross tattoos for you to browse through and perhaps discover a design that matches your interest.

Cross tattoos are often compliments with scriptures and other biblical objects such as angel wings and angelic items.

Cross tattoos are typically seen on the upper arm and across the back and chest.

There are so many beautiful ways of customizing these type of tattoos, such as adding a cloud backdrop, a mixture of tribal, celtic or aztec artwork, and even perhaps a portrait of the savior himself along with a few cherub angels.