Fantasy Tattoos

Fantasy tattoos can be characterized by a hefty number of imaginary creatures within the fantasy realm, however some of the most popular tattoos includes the likes of dragons, elves, fairies, wizards and griffins to name only a few.

But there are so many other beautiful fantasy creatures which are nothing short of stunning, like the mermaids for instance, a gorgeous half woman half fish combination of shear beauty. And then you have those much desired genies waiting patiently in their golden lamps, locked and loaded ready to grant three wishes to anyone willing to give a rub.

Have a look through this picture gallery of excellent tattoo ideas below.

Fantasy tattoos are often very colorful and contain other elements such as clouds, lightning, fire, water, flowers, mushrooms and various other mythical items.

These type of tattoos are quite popular among both men and women, and are seen on various locations of the body, however the back and chest are always great for large designs of any kind.

Since the appearance of these fantasy creatures are conjured up from old myths and stories, its fun to get creative with your tattoo and design a truly original mythical art piece.